You Can See Forever

Laurien Records D6005

Released in 1993 and re-released in 2001

Track Listing:

1a. A child is born - Part 1

1b. A child is born - Part 2

2. Honeysuckle Roase

3. Get Out of Town

4. Love Dance

5. He Loves You

6. Not Like This

7. Lover Man

8. It was a lover

9. Joy Spring

10. Anthropology

11. Bird

12. Some Other Time

13. After You've Gone

What the critics say about You Can See Forever:

‘At a Lee Gibson performance you know that you’re in the presence of an artist with both deep musical intuition and well-trained skill and professionalism. Her control over her voice as she moves from warm intimacy to soaring power is a joy to hear. I rate her 1993 CD ‘You Can See Forever’ as one of the best recordings by a British jazz singer.’

Chris Howes ‘JAZZ NOTES’

‘A very welcome reissue of Gibson’s similarly titled 1993 album, this varied and engaging set finds the singer in customary fine voice. There is about her work clarity of diction and leanness of phrasing that is especially attractive. Her interpretation of lyrics is eloquent and she swings lithely. The arrangements are effective and uncluttered and all the instrumentalists on hand do a very good job. There are no weak moments and some, such as the first track teaming of two different songs with the same title (by Dave Grusin and Thad Jones respectively A Child is Born and later teamings of compatible songs work very well indeed. Nice sound completes a package that I can happily recommend.’


We no longer hold any copies of this CD. However you may find it advertised on some internet music sites including Crazy Jazz at

Downloads of the album and individual tracks may be purchased on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

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