Night Songs

Koch Jazz 3-6911-2

Released 1998

Track Listing:

1. Dindi

2. I only wanna laugh

3. Wave

4. Just friends

5. Stardust

6. As time goes by

7. So many stars

8. Pieces of dreams

9. Little girl blue

10. The trouble with hello is goodbye

11. A child is born

12. Seems like old times

13. I wish I knew

What the critics say about Night Songs:

‘This rising star of the currently excellent London jazz singing scene ably demonstrates her considerable ability on this nice set.

On this occasion the orchestra has reached out beyond their usual band of arrangers and have brought in people who seem to understand the needs of the singer.

There is much to enjoy here and jazz fans will have no complaints. It might be of course that these particular settings will appeal to the non-jazz audience and thus bring Gibson the wider recognition she undoubtedly deserves.’


‘A singer gentle and captivating with ‘oodles’ of talent, seamlessly integrated with an impeccable orchestra make this a set worth acquiring and one to treasure’.


We no longer hold any copies of this CD. However, you may find it advertised on Amazon and other internet music sites.

Downloads of the album and individual tracks may be purchased on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

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