Frim Fram Sauce

Choice Music

Released 1999

Track Listing:

1. Love for sale

2. Lullaby of the leaves

3. On a clear day

4. Always and forever

5. Gershwin medley

6. Slausen cut off

7. All of you

8. Pots and pans

9. A time for love

10. La muchacha de Columbia

11. Feeling groovy

12. Laura

13. Frim fram sauce

What the critics say about Frim Fram Sauce:

'There is some fiery ensemble playing of charts by band members and there are good solo spots from Carl Sanders, Martin Williams, Lyndley Horton and others. When Lee Gibson is at the microphone the quality goes up several notches, whether she is swinging through standards or breathing new life into familiar ballads.

Altogether then this is a record that will appeal as much to fans of contemporary big band music as it does to fans of jazz singing.’


‘As fellow reviewer Bruce Crowther has noted, this gal can sing. Here she is given a nice accompaniment by the swinging Fat Chops Big Band. They use recognised international arrangers like Francy Boland, Tom Kubis and Bob Mintzer as well as those talented guys from within the ranks of the band.

They’ve got some nice soloists too, I particularly liked tenorman Martin Williams. My favourite vocal track in Johnny Mandel’s A Time For Love, which is very difficult to sing and Lee copes well. Lee and the band are a force to be reckoned with in the future.’


‘Lee Gibson is known as a big band vocalist and is clearly at home with Fat Chops, a Midlands based outfit formed in 1997. They have already won awards and that’s no surprise given the rousing musicianship on offer here. Gibson herself is a confident, sure-footed vocalist whose Vaughan to Laine style works best on classic songs such as Love for Sale and On a Clear Day…. both band and singer deserve to be heard.

Peter Vacher ‘JAZZWISE’

‘The delectable Lee Gibson here demonstrating her considerable ability on how to swing a big, powerful band…..a lovely marriage of singer and band where Lee fits like a glove, a delightful mixture of singing and swinging.’


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